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The Magic of New Media

Every media from newspapers to TV and from radio to direct mail and the internet began as a ‘new media.’ And the magic formula to advertising success in each new media has never changed.

Every ‘new media’ initially succeeds during the honeymoon period of new technology solely based upon the magic of the technology itself.

With the invention of the printing press, business owners were dazzled by technology that allowed them to reach larger audiences more efficiently than their previous marketing method, the door to door salesman.

It wasn’t long after Marconi invented radio that advertisers flocked to the technology that allowed their sales pitch to be mysteriously transmitted ‘over the air’ into the homes of their prospects and customers.

Then, of course, there was TV where large audiences could now see and hear about a business on ‘the tube.’

The newest technology, the internet, has that same magical honeymoon appeal.

Compared to old print ads, the internet and social media, can reach more people at a much lower cost. Advertisers are as dazzled and confused about this new media as they were about the new media that came before them.

With a myriad of media choices that increases with the introduction of each new medium, advertisers have always asked the wrong questions -- questions like, “Which medium works best?” or “How do I measure which medium gives me the best return?”

What is the right question? “What message works best?” Since the dawn of advertising, over time advertisers come to realize it’s not about the media, it’s about the message.