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The Marketing Trifecta

In horse racing, the bettor wins by selecting the first three finishers of a race in the correct order. In marketing, many businesses make the mistake of placing all of their bets on advertising to win. But advertising can’t make a bad business a good business, and only a good business can win the race.

Our definition of ‘a good business’ is a business which already has a certain amount of organic growth through repeat and/or referral business.

To capture repeat and referral business your marketing plan needs to bet on the marketing trifecta;  advertising, sales training and customer service.

You see, your marketing really has two target markets; advertising reaches your external customers, but your sales training and customer service culture target your internal customers….your staff.

Have you ever gone into a store and asked a clerk or salesperson about an item you heard advertised only to see them stare at you like a deer caught in the headlights?

Without sales training, and without customer service, your bet on advertising can't win.