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What's Wrong with your Website?

What’s Wrong With Your Website? Or your social media page? Or your Tweets? Probably nothing!
Generally the reason for a business’s dissatisfaction with their online marketing is twofold;
1.) They have unrealistic expectations of their social media or websites, or,
2.) They didn’t have a media mix that created a pre-search preference for their business.

Many businesses keep throwing more money at SEO, (Search Engine Optimization)web design or social media when there is really nothing wrong with their online presence.
What’s wrong is their expectations of their social media and web responses.

You have probably learned that only one in four prospects who shop your store or contact you actually buy. And you are probably happy if you get a 1% return on your direct mail campaigns… 99 out of 100 households won’t buy from you.

The numbers are even more devastating online.

Internet guru Seth Godin says “It's not unusual for a thousand people to visit your website before someone buys something. It's not news if you ask 5,000 Twitter followers to do something and they all refuse to take action.”

The second cause of dissatisfaction with online efforts is generally expecting the internet to win the battle against your competition single-handedly.

 It’s a time honored and proven formula that advertisers who create a pre-need preference for their business before consumers begin their search have a distinct advantage, and a higher return on their advertising investment, when their prospects begin their search.

Even before the internet arrived on the media scene, this was true. Purveyors of direct mail, for example, knew that consumers were more likely to open a mail piece for a business they had heard of, than they were to open mail from a business they had no awareness of.

In spite of all of the rapid changes occurring in marketing, the purpose of the marketing funnel remains the same. The purpose of the marketing funnel is to move your prospects from unawareness of you, to awareness, then onto considering you, and then to the tipping point, where they actually prefer you when they have a need and begin their search.

The perfect marketing funnel strategy today is to use radio to create that pre-need awareness and preference, and your website or social media page to give your prospects all of the information they need to make informed buying decisions.