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Facebook Haters

Word of mouth advertising has always been one of your most important forms of advertising. In the 'good old days', if a customer was delighted with their experience with you, they might tell three to five of their friends. If they were disenchanted, they might tell two or three times as many people about their unpleasant experience.

The internet and social media have totally changed the importance of word of mouth advertising. Today, word of mouth advertising is on steroids. You can multiply old word of mouth values by 100. Customers, who might have told three people about their positive experience with you, can now tell 300 of their social media ‘friends’ about their experience. And if they are unhappy with you, they are two to three times more likely to complain about you online, creating 300 ‘Facebook haters’.

Before social media, getting a handle on what was being said about you in the market was difficult. The good news is, social media discussions allow you to monitor what’s being said about you, and you can now participate in those discussions.

Studies have revealed that if you can find and convert your unhappy customers into happy customers, they actually become more loyal, and spread more positive word of mouth about your business, than a customer who has never been unhappy with you.
The old rules of how to capture positive word of mouth or how to diffuse negative word of mouth, are even more important in this hyperactive environment. When you encounter a ‘Facebook hater’ you can now resolve issues you might not previously had heard of, and the entire world can see your sincere and honest attempts to correct the situation.

When you encounter a Facebook hater, follow these steps;

1. Resist the urge to go on the defensive.

2. Acknowledge the complaint, and if it’s legitimate, admit your fault.

3. Offer an explanation (not an excuse).

4. Prove to the ‘hater’, and to their eaves dropping friends, that you will do whatever is necessary to rectify the situation.

5. Encourage continued discussion and engagement.

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