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Double Your Advertising Results

Creating cross promotions or marketing partnerships is one of the most powerful ways to expand your reach and influence, without expanding your advertising investment.

Cross promotional partners with compatible customer demographics and images can introduce you to more new customers than typical ‘solo’ advertising efforts.

Your marketing partner’s customers are likely to trust them when they recommend you, and both parties benefit from the goodwill of offering incentives or discounts to their customers from their marketing partner.

For example, a spa and a beauty salon that both aim to attract upper income women age 25 to 45, can work together to stretch their marketing budgets and refer their customers to their marketing partner. Both partners can mention the other in their advertising, and both can benefit from the good will created by offering a sample or incentive to their customers from their marketing partner with no additional marketing costs.

The benefits of cross promotion need not always revolve around discounts or incentives. A tax preparation company and a financial counseling firm, for example, can partner to build their images as helpful professionals by co-producing and co-promoting a seminar on managing your finances.

You can also see how businesses like a lawn care company and a maid service would have similar targets and benefit from promoting each other.

We have the resources to help you find the right marketing partners and create mutually beneficial promotions for you and your partner. We can also create simple Marketing Partnership Agreements to protect the interests and goals of both parties.