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10 Commandments of Serving Your Customers

Your customers and prospects are bombarded online with faceless corporate multi-national competitors all making the same claims and driving margins down in the race to provide the cheapest solution.

Amidst all of the choice available with a click of the mouse, locally-owned and operated businesses have some distinct advantages in marketing to local consumers.

Ronald L Bond, author of Retail in Detail, with more than 30 years experience as a CEO, small business owner, manager and consultant highlights some of the things locally owned businesses can do in his Ten Commandments of Serving Your Customers.

Bond’s Commandment number seven is, “Management shall engage with every customer.” One thing small business can do to increase both the customer experience and customer loyalty is to make sure management engages with every customer. This separates your business from the corporate and online competitors and increases your value to the customer.

Local radio can also help local management connect with local consumers , using personal brand stories, and real names and voices to distinguish you from anonymous competitors. You can also feature real local customer testimonials on radio to create a connection in ways the multinationals cannot.