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Present Your 'Smoking Gun'

Marketing is all about winning in the court of public opinion. And it’s a tough and skeptical jury you are facing. Many of them have been mislead by sales pitches or outrageous advertising claims in the past. In short, they are justifiably skeptical of most business offers today.

In the legal arena, the critical turning point in swaying skeptical juries is called the ‘“smoking gun”’.

The smoking gun is an irrefutable piece of evidence that convinces the jury ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’, that your case is sound.

For you to be successful in business, your customers and prospects need to know about your ‘smoking gun’…that piece of evidence which convinces them beyond a reasonable doubt about the credibility of your business and your offers.

We have a list of proven ‘smoking guns’ you can use in your advertising to convince skeptical consumers to do business with you. One of our smoking guns is ‘eye witness testimony’. Using the names, voices and stories from real customers in your advertising can be the most convincing evidence you present.