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No One Is "Just Looking"

The internet has totally changed the way your customers buy.

Remember the old days when you greeted your customers and they said they were “just looking”?

Today, they’ve already done their ‘just looking’ online before they contacted you or came to your business.

No one is just looking…. They’ve already done that on line.

You want to be sure your business is one of the businesses your prospects and customers seek and prefer amidst the dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, competing for attention online

Never have you needed intrusive radio advertising more.  Many online advertising proponents will claim online advertising is, “interactive” and position intrusive media as “interruptive”, as if that’s a bad thing.

In reality, online advertising is more reactive than interactive. In other words, consumers don’t begin to search for your business until they are reacting to a need they have.

The company websites and social media pages that draw the most traffic are those that have created a pre-need awareness and preference in their prospects’ minds with ‘interruptive ads’ in intrusive media like radio.

The best ads today don’t try to ‘change’ the way consumers shop; they tap into ‘the way’ consumers shop.  Using intrusive radio to create pre-need awareness and preference for your business, and inspiring consumers to react when they have a need by searching for you online for additional information is the new media advertising success formula.

Radio advertising is no longer measured solely by foot traffic or telephone inquiries but rather by online search, page views, and sales.

Learn how to make your advertising more intrusive here, or contact me to discuss how to use intrusive radio to drive more traffic to your online marketing.