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Why Shop Local?

Many locally owned and operated businesses have attempted to lure customers with ‘buy local’ campaigns, with little, if any, success.
Skeptical and calloused consumers know that the large international chains also employ local people, contribute to local charities and attract business to local communities.

North American auto makers proved that flag-waving isn’t enough to trump competitors when they tried to combat Japanese auto makers in the 1970’s with their “buy American” campaigns. The foreign automakers continued to erode the North American’s share.
Consumers today need solid verifiable benefits to ‘shop local’. Ironically, most local businesses that default to the ‘buy local’ theme do have strong competitive differences they can exploit.

Perhaps a local restaurant can appeal to local patrons who’ve tired of the cookie-cutter menus at the large chains and can be attracted to a unique specialty item that’s not available at any other restaurant in the world.

More often than not, it is the ‘personal brand’ of the local business owner that creates a strong competitive advantage.
Perhaps your local knowledge of conditions or circumstances can help consumers make better buying decisions.

Sometimes your personality and image can be utilized to create loyal networks.

There is undoubtedly a stronger benefit to customers doing business with you than simply flag-waving or asking them to ‘shop local’.