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Are Your Ads ‘Noise’?

There is a lot of noise and clutter, online and on-air, today. Making your message resonate in that clutter is challenging, but absolutely essential if you are to receive a return on your advertising investment.

Your prospects and customers have developed an amazing subconscious ability to avoid ads that are just noise. Do you want to know if your ads are simply noise in the crowd?

Here is your litmus test;
Simply remove your name from the copy or script for your ad and insert your competitor’s name in its place. If the ad still works for them and is still true, then you have not differentiated yourself from your competitor and you are simply adding to the blah, blah, blah… consumers have learned to ignore.

Our marketing consultants and our creative team know the ‘tricks of the trade’ to distinguish you from your competition, to help you increase the results from your advertising.

Click here to arrange a no obligation appointment to explore how we might be able to create ads that won’t still be true if we replace your name with a competitor.