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Johnny The Bagger

You have probably heard the 80/20 rule…the rule that dictates 80% of your profits come from 20% of your customers. But have you stopped to develop a plan to keep that important 80% of your customers coming back?

Barbara Glanz, of Glanz Communications, often tells the true story of Johnny the Bagger, a nineteen year old grocery bagger with Down Syndrome who developed his own unique way to keep customers coming back to the supermarket he worked at.
Johnny liked Barbara’s message that, “everyone can make a difference and build customer loyalty”, but he initially thought, “I can’t do anything special for our customers.”
Then he had an idea.  Each night after work, with the help of his father, Johnny would search for and print multiple copies of a ‘Thought for the Day’.  He would then cut and sign each Thought for the Day. After packing each bag, he would insert his Thought for the Day cheerfully saying, “Thanks for shopping with us”, to every customer.
The supermarket owner reported to Barbara a few weeks later that the cash flow at Johnny’s cash register was nearly three times that of the other cash registers.
The owner tried to encourage customers to go to the shorter lines in his store but they responded with, “No, it’s okay. We want Johnny’s Thought for the Day.”
One shopper said, “I used to shop here once a week, but now I come in every time I go by because I want Johnny’s Thought for the Day.” 

Click here if you would like to view, or show your staff, a free inspirational three minute video about Johnny the Bagger and how everyone in your company can make a difference and keep the most profitable 80% of your customers coming back.