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Creating Believers

Your customers’ belief system is an actual set of precepts which govern their thoughts, actions and purchases. Seldom do they know what influences their beliefs, but one thing is certain; it is almost impossible to change your prospect’s beliefs.

The internet has become the primary source for most consumers to search for the facts, features, figures and benefits which confirm what they already believe. Rarely will any facts and figures change what people believe about religion, politics, brands or your business.

More often than not, consumers will ignore likes, reviews, facts or data, that their search engines reveal that contradict the beliefs they already have a about a certain product or brand.

The secret to successful marketing is to reach your prospects while their beliefs can still be influenced; before they have a need for what you sell, and before they begin to prefer your competitors.

The purpose of marketing is to move your prospects from unawareness of you, to awareness of you, to considering you, and on to the pivotal point of creating a pre-need preference for you over your competitors.

No facts, statistics or figures will help you get better results from your website and online efforts than telling stories about the positive outcomes your customers can expect when they choose you over your competitor. And you certainly will have an uphill battle to change your prospect’s beliefs if your competitor has created a pre-need preference for their business.

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