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Legislating Effective Marketing

The annoying telemarketing calls you receive in the middle of your family dinner, the wasteful pile of unwanted flyers in your mail box, and the email SPAM in your inbox this morning are prime examples of marketing gone wrong.

The purpose of marketing is to make your prospects more aware of you and then to prefer and trust you, which will ultimately lead to purchasing from you when they have a need.

It is difficult, and expensive, for you to reach out and influence prospects who will choose to do business with YOU rather than your competitors. Once you have found and sold those prospects, keeping them coming back and encouraging them to tell their friends about you is basically free, with a properly managed database and email marketing system.

Common sense and courtesy dictates that we shouldn’t need laws to prevent marketing campaigns that drive customers away. Yet some marketing has become such an annoyance, that legislators have done exactly that…legislated what should be common sense and courtesy.

They’ve legislated “no-call lists” and “anti-spam” regulations, and even passed laws to prevent TV stations from airing their commercials at annoying high volume levels.

The good news is you don’t need to be a Philadelphia lawyer to adhere to the anti-spam laws that affect your business. By simply applying The Rules of Common Courtesy in Permission-based Marketing, you’ll remain within the laws, and keep your customers coming back for more.

Click here for me to deliver The Rules of Common Courtesy in Permission-based Marketing. These Rules will show you how to use customer-focused email and internet marketing to maintain customer loyalty and continued purchasing practices.