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You have probably invested a small fortune building your brand. You’ve invested in a logo, a website, advertising, a slogan or jingle, and so much more to build pre-need preference and trust for your business.
           All of your marketing is designed to persuade customers that you care. There are two key decisions you must make to deliver on your brand’s promises. And both come with a cost:
           1.) You will make difficult customer-focused decisions. You and your staff have to have a “customer is always right” attitude, even when the customer is wrong. 
           2.) You may have to postpone profits. Sometimes, you’ll have to do what is necessary today, to keep your customer coming back tomorrow.
           One careless decision or phrase can quickly destroy the image you’ve worked so hard to build. Phrases like “Your call is important to us so please stay on hold” or “Our policy doesn’t permit me to do that”, or “We don’t allow substitutes on our menu” are perceived as excuses and that you are not living up to your reputation!
            You know that an empowered employee is happier and more productive. Yet we often have policies that don’t permit employees to make decisions and processes which result in them making lame excuses that turn off your customers.
            We are proud to partner with businesses like yours to build their brands and their sales, and we send these free SoundADvice marketing tips to help improve your return on the brand you’ve built.

Click here for me to deliver a list of the excuses that your customers don’t want to hear, to help you avoid making mistakes that can destroy your brand.