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Hindsight is 20/20

A 1964 Encyclopedia Britannica year book proclaimed the death of rock and roll. It asserted, “Rock music that is governed by the teenage consumer was aesthetically improved in 1963. Rock and Roll receded significantly since its emergence in 1954 as folk music began to exert a strong influence”.

The ‘book of knowledge’ went on to suggest The Kingston Trio, Bob Dylan and folk music TV shows like Hootenanny were silencing previously “raunchy, racy and often inane lyrics of rock and roll” and used burgeoning folk record sales as evidence of Rock and Roll’s fate.

Of course, in hindsight, Rock and Roll lived beyond this 1964 encyclopaedia obituary.

Today change occurs even more rapidly than in the old printed encyclopaedia year book era. Many ‘truths’ espoused in print and online today quickly become myths which are destroyed with objective hindsight. Remember when Alta Vista was touted to be the search engine leader, only to be quickly displaced by Yahoo! which has subsequently been eclipsed by Google? And shortly after MySpace was proclaimed the social media leader, Twitter and then Facebook stole their limelight.

The marketing world is changing faster than most businesses can keep pace. You need a healthy dose of hindsight to keep your campaigns relevant and productive.

Our mission is to help you keep abreast of your changing competitive environment and make each marketing campaign more successful than your last. To do this we use a powerful hindsight tool called a Post-Campaign Analysis.

In concert with you and your senior people, we can conduct a no-obligation Post-Campaign Analysis to uncover what has worked and what has not. We wrap up your Analysis with a list of recommendations to make your next campaigns more successful.

Click here to make an appointment for me to conduct your FREE Post-Campaign Analysis to give you the benefit of objective hindsight to consider when developing your next campaign.