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Old technology simply does not make headlines today.

Gottlieb Daimler introduced the first known prototype in 1885 (127 years ago!) of what is known today as the modern gasoline engine. The following year, Karl Benz received the first patent (DRP No. 37435) for a gasoline engine automobile.

Even though the gasoline engine remains the most proven and popular engine today, you won’t hear much about it in the news and your friends won’t engage you in an enthusiastic conversation about how reliable and dependable internal combustion technology is.
New technology, like the hydrogen engines with unresolved fuel storage problems, solar powered engines with limited power and electric engines with range restrictions, create excitement, buzz and news almost daily.

Hybrid engines appear to combine the best of both worlds, where the proven technology and power of gasoline engines is used in concert with some of the newer yet-to-be-perfected technologies.

Media technology is no different than any other technology. It’s interesting and exciting to experiment with new technologies that can often provide new sources of sales and success. And, it’s ‘news”.

But there is no denying the reliability and results of proven and popular media.
It’s the electronic age, and the hybrid strategy of using broadcast to inspire and internet to inform is proving to increase sales for marketers.

Attempts to rely solely on new media technologies have produced some catastrophic results.
A recent article in Advertising Age magazine stated, “The latest news involving social media pioneers isn't good.
Pepsi has fallen to third place behind Diet Coke in spite of its widely heralded switch from Super Bowl ads to a huge social charity program called Refresh Project. Burger King has grilled through a couple of Marketing Managers and fired their ad agency after it produced Facebook campaigns and viral videos that generated lots of online attention while the business witnessed six consecutive quarters of declining sales”.

The marketing giants are quickly discovering that online likes, clicks and noise are not synonymous with sales success. Virtually all successful internet campaigns have had a radio or TV component in a ‘hybrid’ electronic media mix.
Just as gasoline engines replaced the horse and buggy in transportation technology, electronic media; primarily broadcast and internet, are replacing the expensive production and delivery costs of printed advertising.

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